At its core, we are a network of caring people who share a mission—to help individuals thrive in their lives and careers.

Plant a Seed Institute’s mentorship programs exist to support career development for those just starting out, starting over, or individuals wanting to take their career to a higher level.

Together we offer innovative, personalized support that leads to growth, independence and cultivates a desire to give back to the mentees’ communities.

We believe that meaningful relationships have the power to transform lives.  Our mentors strive to deliver meaningful outcomes. Our network of mentors offers decades of experience to that end.

Program Description

Plant a Seed Institute has developed two distinct mentoring programs.

Plant a Seed Institute has developed two distinct mentoring programs.

First, we offer a short term and longer term career mentoring program for young adults ages 18-29. These programs are for two sessions, up to eight months for a comprehensive experience.

This program is great for individuals just out of high school, college students, vocational students, or those who are uncertain about a career choice. Careful screening goes into the matching process of mentor/mentee. Together they articulate goals, develop, and execute a plan to achieve those goals. The pair meets monthly one-to-one, and have a scheduled monthly telephone session. Upon conclusion of the mentorship, the mentee takes with him/her renewed perspective, a set of success tools, and confidence in meeting career goals. For this program, please contact Patty Ponce at or 714-389-4637.

Secondly, we have a network of seasoned mentors who are available for a single session. These mentors are available to meet and share their particular expertise as outlined in their profiles. It gives mentees an opportunity to “pick the brains” of highly specialized professionals. This may take place over the phone or in person. A prospective mentee may self-select from our list of mentors and contact them directly.